Cleaning Tips When Preparing to Sell a Home

Cleaning Tips When Preparing to Sell a Home

When you make the decision to sell a home, it is the start of a series of events that at times can feel overwhelming. There are items to pack, repairs to be made, movers to hire and a host of prospective buyers to be prepared for. No matter how or who is selling your home, however, your home will likely need a good cleaning. When you view your home in its entirety, this too can be overwhelming. With that thought in mind, here are some thoughts to keep in mind when cleaning your house to be sold.

Divide and Conquer

Either create a plan to clean your home room by room or project by project. You might take on closets, windows and floors overall, or simply focus on one room at a time. If you have lots of carpeting, renting a shampooer and cleaning all the floors may be more efficient.

Don’t Just “Wash” Windows

Take the time to deep clean window panes and frames. If you are just cleaning the glass, you may be missing the mark. You can use a small brush or even an old toothbrush to clean into corners and tracks. While you are at it, use just a touch of lubricant to ensure windows open and close smoothly.

Clear out Closets

Most buyers want sufficient closet space, and crowded closets can give the wrong impression. Remove at least half of what is contained in your closets including clothes, shoes and what is on shelves.

Clear Out Cabinets and Drawers

Like closets, buyers want to feel like a home has plenty of cabinet and drawer space in the kitchen. Minimize clutter in these areas, including the pantry.

Don’t Forget Those Hidden Spots

Here’s where it gets a bit nasty. Deep cleaning will take moving and cleaning behind ovens and refrigerators. Move out your washer and dryer and clean behind and under. Don’t forget ceiling fans, the tops of doors and door jams, and the top of your water heater and refrigerator.

Consider a Professional Cleaning Service

If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of it all! A team of professionals may be able to get done in two days what it may take you weeks to do!

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