Driving Like a Grandma

What happens to our bodies as we age that affects our ability to drive?

Everyone’s heard (or used) the term “you drive like a grandma!” This term usually means that the other driver is going unnecessarily slow. Driving a little slower than the speed limit isn’t always a terrible thing. But, there are other disabilities elderly folks face while trying to drive.

Lots of things happen to humans as we grow older. Our memory deteriorates, our body becomes frail, we move slowly, and we are often in excessive amounts of pain. Yes, these things can absolutely impact our ability to drive. The result: driving like a grandma.

How does aging affect our physical abilities?

● Lack of coordination
● Lack of strength
● Vision and hearing impairment
● Other major health issues

How does this impact our driving abilities?

● It can get more difficult for elderly people to turn the wheel quickly due to diminished strength.
● Slower reaction times can be fatal in particular instances.
● It can become increasingly difficult to focus on all the factors that go into driving.
● It may become difficult for elders to turn their neck to check blind spots.
● Elders will begin to struggle with quickly moving their foot between the pedals.

By observing the driving abilities of our elders, we can have the life-changing conversation about whether or not they should continue to drive.

By: KayLynn P.

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