Home Insurance “Unknown Zones”: Fences, Sidewalks, and Tree Lawns

Home Insurance “Unknown Zones”: Fences, Sidewalks, and Tree Lawns

When it comes to home insurance and your property, there are three areas that we often get questions about. Let’s take a look at these three mystery zones, your responsibilities, and how homeowner insurance can come into play.


Generally, fences are covered by home insurance like outbuildings or other structures. They will be protected from covered calamities like winds, fire, and other damage. It is important to note that only fences owned by the property owner are covered, and that fences will not be covered if they are in disrepair. As long as a fence is maintained, and you are the owner, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover it.


In most states, sidewalks are considered public property. It is therefore the responsibility of the municipality to maintain sidewalks and repair broken or uneven walkways. In some cases, homeowners can still be held responsible for snow removal. Overall, concrete on the homeowners’ property is covered under the outbuilding’s clause of a home insurance policy. Any damage caused by a covered issue will be covered.

Tree Lawns

In areas where there is a green space between the sidewalk and the roadway, the homeowner may be responsible for maintaining the area, but it is still considered public property. Any trees in the tree lawn will also likely be considered public property and are not the responsibility of the neighboring property owner.

There are many reasons your independent insurance agent is so valuable. They are not held captive to representing the products of only one company. They can compare rates from multiple companies, and they are available if you have questions or concerns.

If you have any questions about the nuances of home insurance, we invite you to contact one of our independent insurance agents for a homeowners’ insurance review. We can also reach out to our network of insurance companies to get an updated price quote. You may even be able to save money. Contact us to get started today!

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