Do I Need That Insurance Offered at the Rental Car Counter?

Do I Need That Insurance Offered at the Rental Car Counter?

Renting a vehicle is easier than ever. Most reservations, pricing and vehicle selection can be done online. There will still be a process, however, when you get to the car rental counter to pick up your vehicle. You will need to sign a number of papers, provide a valid driver’s license and credit card. You will also be offered a variety of options. One of the most crucial, and potentially expensive options you will be asked about is supplemental rental car insurance. Do you need this coverage? What are your options and when should you consider it? It will depend on your current personal insurance coverage and the credit card used to pay for the rental. Here are some guidelines.

What Type of Coverage do You Presently Have? 

It is helpful to know that generally, coverage you have on your personal vehicle will transfer to any car you rent.

If you have full comprehensive coverage on your personal car insurance, especially if it is above state minimum standards, you can usually feel comfortable passing on any supplemental car insurance at the rental counter. This is particularly true if your credit card company backs up your personal insurance with additional coverage. Something else to keep in mind, does your personal auto insurance provide coverage for loss of use should you and your rental car have an accident.That being said, there may be restrictions or limits on your coverage when renting a truck or luxury vehicle.

If you only carry liability coverage, your coverage may be supplemented by the credit card company used to pay for your rental. If you are unsure, it can be well worth getting the supplemental coverage. This is especially true if your liability limits are at state minimum.

Be Prepared

Selling supplemental insurance on rental cars generates a significant amount of money for rental car companies. If you are unsure of your coverage before heading to the rental car counter, you could make a costly mistake. This is just one reason why an automobile insurance review is so valuable. Rates and limitations are in constant flux with car insurance companies. A car insurance review can place you in the best position to take advantage of any discounts you deserve, while getting the coverage you deserve. It is also the time to review your limits and if you have sufficient coverage to take care of any concerns when renting a car. Call our independent agents to learn more today!

Be Confidently Insured.


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