Prevent the “Beach Body” Slump

It’s summertime, which also means Half-Naked-At-The-Pool-Time.

When summertime comes around, all this talk about working on your “beach body” starts. Maybe you’ve worked hard these past few months to slim down for the pool, or maybe you’re still working towards your goal. Whatever the case, it’s important to most of us to be completely comfortable in our skin. Many of us want to slim down our bodies or maintain a flat tummy this summer.

You know what’s more important than our “beach bodies”?

Food. Food is my first love.

So how about a little bit of balance? How can we walk with our head held high at the pool and satisfy our sweet tooth cravings at the same time? With the right mindset, this list of snack ideas can help bring you contentment while you’re relaxing by the pool.

Healthy Snack Ideas:

  • Watermelon—a refreshing, delicious Summer snack
  • Banana ice cream—freeze bananas and blend them with added flavors (Peanut butter?)
  • Yogurt and granola—add some berries for extra sweetness
  • Kiwi
  • Make your own breakfast bar with nuts, almond butter, and maple syrup
  • Chips and guacamole—yum
  • Banana chips dipped in peanut butter
  • Pita with some flavored hummus
  • Avocado toast
  • Grapes—try freezing them
  • Also, frozen blueberries—you’ll thank me later
  • Kale chips—these can be surprisingly delicious with the right seasonings
  • Baked cinnamon apple chips
  • Almonds—providing a good amount of protein
  • Smoothies—always a delicious snack by the pool, full of nutrients from the fruits
  • Whatever your favorite fruit is, indulge
  • Popcorn—no butter, sub nutritional yeast
  • Find a delicious trail mix for the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and nutritional
  • Dark chocolate—yes, I said chocolate


While you’re eating your healthy snacks, focus on how delicious they are, plus how wonderful it is that feeding your body nutrients. It can feel good to eat well.

Be Confidently Insured.


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