The 4th of July Safety Tips

The 4th of July Safety Tips

The 4th of July is a time for celebration. In order to keep a lighthearted and exciting atmosphere, please take these safety tips into consideration during your plans this evening.

If your plans include fireworks:

  • It’s important to keep a fire extinguisher nearby, in case of an emergency.
  • Do NOT light fireworks if it is illegal where you live.
  • If there is no ordinance against fireworks, be sure you find an open space away from building and other flammable objects.
  • Wet fireworks down when finished and use a metal container to dispose of them.
  • Only light one firework at a time. Always hurry to move a far distance from the lit firework.
  • Keep fireworks away from your children.
  • Do not relight malfunctioned fireworks.
  • Make sure to check if there are any local fire bans.

If your plans include water activities:

  • Always supervise children who are in the water.
  • Use lifejackets for children.
  • Keep a first aid kit around in case of an injury.
  • If boating, ensure the driver is a responsible adult.
  • Wear sunscreen while you are out in the sun.

While you are celebrating, please do not let anyone get too out of hand. Too much alcohol can turn into a very awful thing—from illness, to injury, and even death. Make sure all children are supervised at all times.

While this is a time to celebrate, let’s not lose track of our responsibilities as adults.

Have fun, be safe, and Happy Independence Day, God Bless America!

By: KayLynn P.

Be Confidently Insured.


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