The Internet of . . . License Plates?

Have you ever spent two hours at the DMV, listening to the monotone voice saying, “Now serving 125” and your number is 140? You let out a groan and sink deeper into your seat. Most people absolutely dread the DMV. What if there was a solution that could take away the wasted time from registering your car?

Have you heard of the new technology—a digital license plate? What a neat concept—using technology similar to that of a ‘Kindle’, your license plate number and registration would be displayed on a screen.

What would these digital license plates change?

To begin, there would be no more sitting in the DMV waiting for a new sticker displaying your updated registry. Instead, you’d have to make your payment online and this modern technology would update your registration digitally. Could you imagine?

If your vehicle is stolen, the new technology would help track down the missing vehicle quicker and more efficiently. The new license plates would display things such as advertisements, weather warnings, and Amber Alerts. The Amber Alert and the registration would be listed right on the license plate for all to see. All these features could be beneficial and make our lives easier.

The main concern with these license plates is privacy. How would you feel about your license plates containing technology that could track your car down? Would you feel safer, or would you feel that your privacy has been violated? If information regarding your car’s location will be accessible, what other kind of personal information would be available?

Be Confidently Insured.


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