Tips for Selling Your Used Car

Tips for Selling Your Used Car

If you have decided to sell your used car on your own, there are some steps you can take to help you get the most from it.

  • Clean or even detail the car. Make your car as spotless as possible including potentially shampooing the seats and carpeting.Clean windows thoroughly and make sure the cars paint and tires shine.
  • Take lots of photos. Take interior and exterior photos including the trunk and engine area. Don’t be afraid to include images of imperfections or damage. Be straightforward. Don’t forget the dashboard and odometer to document mileage.
  • Take time to write a good description. Include all options and highlight the vehicle’s best features. Be sure to tell if the car was used mainly for highway trips and any major repairs that have been made. If you are the original or second time owner, that too, can be valuable to point out.
  • Make it as visible as you can. Market your car online in free classifieds and use social media. Be sure to let friends and family know you are selling your car in case they know someone who may be interested.
  • Gather as much mechanical documentation as possible. Having documentation of any maintenance and repairs you have completed demonstrates you have taken care of the car and can provide more peace of mind for a buyer. Be cautious that any receipts don’t contain any personal information you don’t want the buyer to have.
  • Change the oil. Even if your potential buyer is not mechanically inclined, they probably know the importance of clean, clear oil in car.
  • Take care of inexpensive routine maintenance. Make sure internal and exterior lights work, coolant levels are sufficient and there is washer fluid in the reservoir.
  • Perform due diligence in setting your price. Pricing your car too high may discourage some from even looking at it. Pricing it too low will cost you. Compare like vehicles from a variety of online resources.

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