What to do When a Hail Storm Comes

Did you know the largest hailstone recorded to date fell in South Dakota last July with a diameter of 8”? It weighed nearly 2 pounds. Can you imagine the damage that would cause falling on the roof of a home or car? Hopefully everyone was inside during that hail storm.

When an unpredictable storm comes, there’s not much you can do except sit in your home and flinch at every thump on your roof. Depending on the size of the hail, there can be costly damage.

What should you do during and after a hail storm?

Step One: Make sure everyone in the home is far from any windows or skylights.

Step Two: If you are certain it’s safe to go outside, check to see if there is any damage. If so, take necessary precautions to avoid further damage. Place tarps over holes in the roofs or broken windows. Otherwise, the insurance company may not cover the full extent of the damage if they proclaim your negligence helped increase damages.

Step Three: Record the time and date that the storm hit your area. The insurance company will ask you this.

Step Four: Contact a contractor or roof specialist to inspect the damage. The hail could have damaged the roof, gutters, windows, or siding of your home. A hail specialist will be able to determine the severity and whether or not it was strictly the hail that caused the damage. Then, he/she will determine an estimated price that it’ll cost to get it fixed.

  • Check with your local insurance agent for any suggestions about a roofing company. It’s very important to find a local, reputable company to check the damage. Be leery of door-to-door salesman. Never sign or pay for anything until you get the ok from your insurance company. You could commit yourself to replacing a roof that is not covered by your insurance company.

Step Five: Once you are sure the damage exceeds your deductible, call your insurance company and file a claim. An adjuster will come and assess the damage. Any documents from the roofing company should be presented to help the process along.  When in doubt, always call and ask your local agent any questions you may have.

Be Confidently Insured.


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